Alcohol and Drug Testing Service

This service is mainly for EMPLOYERS and other organisations – however we are also able to provide our specialist service to private individuals.

It is now accepted that alcohol and drug testing helps to reduce workplace accidents and injuries.  Over the last few years the use of alcohol and drug testing in the workplace has grown considerably – probably because employers are required to comply with all employment legislation and
Health & Safety

Many job applicants are now routinely tested
before being offered employment and, in some circumstances, the testing continues throughout
their employment.  It is now quite common, in
some industries, for employees to have random alcohol and drug tests.

Many thousands of people have an alcohol or drug problem
.  A survey revealed that alcohol consumption
is a problem in 90% of businesses.  In numerous cases the problem affects the ability of employees to work safely
and efficiently.  

The consumption of alcohol and recreational drug use can adversely affect businesses and organisations in many ways including the following...

Many industries involve caring for vulnerable people and/or work that is potentially high-risk.  This obviously means that the possibility of an accident or an injury or inappropriate behaviour is increased.

The main reason why many employers test their employees and job applicants is to promote the safety of their staff - those who use their products and services.

Generally speaking, alcohol and drug testing also has a positive effect on the image of a company or organisation – in addition to acting as an extremely effective deterrent and reducing drug and/or alcohol abuse.

In some occupations alcohol and drug use is common.  However, alcohol affects judgement, reaction-time, motor control, concentration, vision and co-ordination.   Consuming even small amounts of alcohol before work or during a lunch break (or having too much alcohol in the bloodstream from the night before) can lead to an accident and/or poor performance, misconduct and other significant problems.

It’s a well known fact that the effect of alcohol can vary significantly between individuals. This means that the physical and behavioural signs of alcohol or drug use can be very difficult to spot in some people.  It is also worth remembering that occasional recreational drug users can also cause major problems because people can be affected for days after taking some drugs.


Employers have a duty of care, under the Health and Safety at Work Act, to ensure, as far as “reasonably practicable”, the health and safety and welfare of its employees.  In addition, all employers must also ensure that other people - including contractors and the general public - are not exposed to unnecessary risks.  Breaches of health and safety law are breaches of criminal law and can result in fines, imprisonment or both.  

N.B.  If you are a manager and you knowingly allow an employee, who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to continue working - and they place themselves or others at risk – you may be prosecuted.

There is further legislation in the transport industry whereby some employers (including those involved with aviation and railways etc) could be guilty of a criminal offence unless they could demonstrate that all due diligence had been applied in attempting to control the risk associated with substance abuse.

All employers should read the Misuse of Drugs Act.  For instance, if employees are “sharing” a cannabis joint whilst at work the law will classify them as drug dealers - and the employer will be criminally liable if he/she knowingly permits their premises to be used.

Unfortunately, misuse of alcohol and drugs affects people in every profession – including office personnel, factory workers, nurses, doctors, accountants, solicitors, civil servants, police, fire and ambulance service personnel.

In addition to the problems with alcohol in society the UK has an unacceptably high problem with regard to the use of cannabis, cocaine and other drugs.  For instance, shift workers sometimes use amphetamines.

Anyone who misuses alcohol and/or drugs is at risk of harming themselves in the long term – and their problem
nearly always affects other people.  Alcohol and drug related problems usually lead to serious consequences for individuals (e.g. poor health, financial, relationship and work problems), in addition to their families,
and employers.  

It is NOT possible to identify a specific type of person who may have a problem drinker or drug user.  The Alcoholics Anonymous website states that about 35% of its members are women and this indicates that the problem is widespread.

All employers should be committed to providing a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment and many companies have an Alcohol and Drugs Policy.

A wide range of simple and effective tests (including breath, saliva, urine, hair and blood) can be carried out in a highly professional and sensitive way.  For more information please contact us.

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