Bariatric Patient Service

The safe transportation and general care of overweight patients is a speciality 

In the past, some extremely overweight patients have had to travel in an uncomfortable and embarrassing way (e.g. on the floor of an ambulance!) because they were too heavy to use a standard ambulance trolley

It is also known that some overweight patients, who are able to use standard ambulance trolleys and chairs, are now choosing to avoid or delay important hospital or GP visits - simply because they feel embarrassed about their weight….or they are afraid of being judged about their size....they don’t want to be stigmatised…or they don‘t want to be given a lecture about over-eating…or they just don’t want to put anybody out!  

It’s such a pity because obese people often wait until they are
very ill, and desperate for medical treatment, before they request
the help that they need – and the delay can make a trip to hospital more difficult.

One of the reasons is that some “reality” TV programmes have portrayed obese people as freaks instead of individuals with normal feelings.   

Perhaps society needs to get away from categorising people, making assumptions and being judgemental - because overweight people are individuals who have exactly the same rights as everyone else.  

Every patient is an INDIVIDUAL with various specific needs – and it's important to remember that everybody needs help sometimes  

Thankfully, most hospitals are now equipped to look after heavy patients.  For instance, most hospital beds are now capable of taking patients weighing 30 stone or more - and there are usually hoists, wheelchairs and other equipment available for use.  However, it’s impossible for any normal road ambulance (NHS or private) to carry all of the equipment and supplies needed for every type of patient, medical condition, injury and situation  

Medical Assistance UK has recognised this problem and is able to arrange specialist equipment and transportation for BARIATRIC patients

In order to deliver a really efficient and caring service for overweight people we have made sure that all relevant personnel have been specially trained to care for bariatric patients – and we can provide the relevant specialist equipment to look after every patient  

Our staff understand some of the pressures and problems that overweight patients have been forced to endure in the past - so they will do everything possible to ensure that every single patient in our care receives a highly professional ‘patient-centred’ service

Medical Assistance UK is now able to guarantee that all obese patients in our area can receive high quality care with regard to their transport requirements and they will not experience inequalities of treatment due to their weight.  Basically this means that, as far as MAUK members are concerned, all overweight people are now able to be transported, safety and comfortably, from anywhere to anywhere - at anytime of the day or night.

Definition.  The clinical definition of obesity is a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. The BMI is the body’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of the body’s height in metres.

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