Dental Service - Further Notes


When you join Medical Assistance UK, providing that your membership plan includes one or more dental visits, you will be able to benefit from emergency dental advice from an experienced dental surgeon (i.e. during working hours and also outside normal working hours – i.e. between 6am and 11pm) if you have acute dental pain and/or dental trauma.   

If you need to see our dentist in a conventional dental surgery, if your membership plan includes our ambulance car service, we’ll also take you to and/or from the dental surgery in one of our no additional cost to you!

The MAUK dental surgeon will give you the treatment that he or she considers appropriate – in order to help you until you can visit your own dentist.  In some cases, if a visit is thought to be unnecessary, our dentist will give you telephone advice for the immediate management of dental pain and trauma and/or general telephone advice with regard to your dental heath.  Also, in some circumstances, our dentist may give a second opinion.

In some cases your visit will include some IMMEDIATE TREATMENT if it is considered necessary, by the dentist, to stabilise the injury or relieve pain.  MAUK reserves the right to examine each MAUK member in a dental surgery if this is considered to be more suitable for the patient or for any other reason. MAUK also operates a mobile dental service that is used at our discretion.  

We are pleased to confirm that your membership includes emergency attendance or a rapid arrangementto ensure that you are seen quickly in a convenient dental surgery – i.e. whichever is more suitable to the dentist and/or more clinically beneficial to you.

Dentistry services that will incur an additional fee include any emergency treatment to alleviate pain (including extraction, root canal treatment or incising) and/orany ADDITIONAL TREATMENT that you ask our dentist to undertake.  You will also be asked to pay a reasonable additional fee if you need to speak to or visit a dentist between 11pm and 6am or on any Bank Holiday.


Please note that the following is NOT included in any MAUK membership plan

Please note that Medical Assistance UK Ltd is not an Emergency Service so, if you have a
serious injury or condition, please telephone 999 and ask for an Ambulance

Also, please note that all of the professional and other services advertised on this website (including all services that are Care Quality Commission 'regulated activities' and all
other non-regulated services) are either provided by CQC registered providers or other providers/suppliers if CQC registration is not required. Medical Assistance UK Limited acts
in referral and/or co-ordination capacity only for different types of business and/or various services and professionals. We also offer an online shop and an online medical information centre for your use