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Medical Assistance UK is able to provide experienced personnel with different healthcare qualifications


Our operational and administrative personnel work with NHS employees every day - and we also work for many private organisations on a regular basis  


We would very much appreciate the opportunity to give you a quotation for any work (i.e. one-off or contractual) that could be done by our personnel and resources.  


You will find Medical Assistance UK 100% reliable, cost-effective and highly professional   


For more information, without obligation, please telephone 01473 499 995 or email

NHS Ambulance Services
NHS Hospitals and Clinics
Private Hospitals and Clinics
Nursing and Care Homes
Residential Homes
Nursing and Homecare Agencies
General Practitioners (Doctors)
Dental Practitioners (Dentists)
Other Healthcare
Businesses and Organisations

Clubs and Groups
Churches, Schools and Charities
Local Councils...and many other clients



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Please note that Medical Assistance UK Ltd is not an Emergency Service so, if you have a
serious injury or condition, please telephone 999 and ask for an Ambulance

Also, please note that all of the professional and other services advertised on this website (including all services that are Care Quality Commission 'regulated activities' and all
other non-regulated services) are either provided by CQC registered providers or other providers/suppliers if CQC registration is not required. Medical Assistance UK Limited acts
in referral and/or co-ordination capacity only for different types of business and/or various services and professionals. We also offer an online shop and an online medical information centre for your use