Membership Terms and Conditions


This section of the website outlines the main Terms and Conditions of your Medical Assistance UK Limited (MAUK) membership and is valid for all MAUK members joining, or renewing membership, on or after 1st April 2010.  

Please study this section carefully because your use of our services, and your MAUK membership in general, is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

Please note that, whilst most of the following Terms and Conditions apply to ALL MAUK members, there may be some variations due to your specific membership plan and/or the actual option(s) that you have decided to select.  In order that you know all of the Terms and Conditions, that are relevant to your specific membership plan, please make sure that you are fully aware with regard to the exact details of your plan.  

Specific details, with regard to all MAUK membership plans, can easily be found on this website.  You have either chosen a Fixed Fee membership (i.e. Budget, Bronze, Silver or Gold) OR a Build Your Own Membership Plan OR a Pay As You Go membership plan.

Each MAUK membership plan is sub-divided into membership for Single People, Couples and Families – and different packages (and sometimes Membership Terms and Conditions) are applicable to each type of membership plan.  

All Fixed Fee and Build Your Own membership plans will be paid for on a monthly or annual basis – and will always be regarded as continuous (i.e. with recurring payments) until you cancel your membership using our approved cancellation procedure.  

If you are unsure about any aspect of your chosen membership plan please call our dedicated Membership Helpline on 01473 499 995 and one of our advisors will help you. For instance, you can use the Membership Helpline if you wish to change your plan in any way or cancel or renew your MAUK membership.  Alternatively, if you have any membership enquiry you can send an email to


All GENERAL email enquiries should be sent to

In addition, text messaging is available for use by deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired members by texting 079 4631 0815

We will visit you (if required) at HOME or in any other location if it is clinically and professionally suitable and in our geographical area – in some cases we can even visit you in your WORKPLACE.  However, for a number of sensible reasons, MAUK must reserve the right to refuse to visit any patient (regardless of their age, sex, injury and/or medical condition(s) etc and/or to limit the service(s) we provide.  

In some situations (e.g. when patients require an emergency dental procedure that ideally requires a clinical environment and involves aseptic technique) we may decide to provide our service(s) in a surgery, consulting room, hospital or another type of medical establishment.  This means that any decision, with regard to where a patient is treated, will always be at the discretion of the healthcare professional(s) who are looking after the patient.  All MAUK members must abide by this stipulation.

Whenever possible, MAUK personnel will always do their best to meet all of your requirements and specific individual preferences.  


To use our service(s) please contact us using one of the following methods...

TELEPHONE01473 499 9953




FAX 01245 287411

TEXT 079 4631 0815



When you contact MAUK for assistance we will always check some personal information with you – just to make sure that we are speaking to the right person and no-one is pretending to be you.  

Then, as an additional safeguard, if you are a MAUK Fixed Fee Membership Plan member or MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plan member our personnel will also ask to see your MAUK Membership Card when they visit you.   

Therefore, when you need our service(s) please have your MAUK Membership Card (or your Welcome letter/email) ready to show our personnel when they arrive.  Always carry your card with you if you pay for your membership on a monthly or annual basis.  

Important Note  If you do NOT have your MAUK Membership Card (or your Welcome letter or email) with you when we visit MAUK reserves the right to charge you the MAUK Pay As You Go membership tariff.  This means that you will be asked to pay £24.95 per visit, plus a non-discounted fee for the service(s) you receive, on the day that you use us.   

For all Medical Assistance UK membership plans we will issue a separate membership card for every individual who is a named on your membership plan

Please note that our personnel we will always assume that any person holding an MAUK membership card is the rightful MAUK member – and, with that in mind, we will discuss your health with the cardholder – including medical conditions, allergies, medications and other personal information that is normally regarded as private and confidential.


When you contact MAUK for assistance you will need to give us some basic details – either over the phone or online.  You will then be given a reference number that must be given to our personnel when they arrive.  We will then provide the services you require and you will be expected to pay our fee the same day.  

All MAUK Fixed Fee members and MAUK Build Your Own members are given significant discounts.  MAUK Pay As You Go members choose not to pay a monthly or annual payment for our services so you will be charged £24.95 per visit plus a fee for the service(s) that you use.  The fees that you will be asked to pay, as an MAUK Pay As You Go member, will be reasonable but not discounted.


Everybody who lives in England, and uses the NHS, should have a Summary Care Record that is available to all NHS personnel who have a legitimate relationship with you.  

Your SCR contains important information about your health – including your allergies and current medications etc.  New information will be added as time goes by - and you will always have the right to see what has been written about you.  If you would like MAUK personnel to care for you, in any way, we may ask your permission to see your SCR.  In this case we will ask you to show us the relevant information using the Healthspace website – i.e.  

You are entitled to ask the NHS to hide your SCR so that it cannot be viewed. In addition, in some cases, your record can be deleted.  At the present time (because MAUK personnel are not “NHS employees”) none of our staff have a right to look at your SCR.  

It is your right to refuse permission for our staff to see your SCR if you so wish.  However, if you need our professional assistance at any time in the future, we may ask your permission to view your SCR if we feel that it would be in your best interests.  If you decide to refuse permission for our healthcare professional(s) to view your SCR MAUK reserves the right to not be held responsible for any treatment, or lack of treatment, that you would or would not have received if we had been able to view your SCR.

In addition to the above information, relating to SCR, please note that every MAUK member must give our personnel some basic information (including the name and address of the patient, age and date of birth, allergies, medication(s), known medical conditions etc) to our personnel when requested. This information will be kept on file (i.e. as electronic data and also a paper copy) whilst you are a member.  MAUK has very strict patient confidentiality rules and complies with the Data Protection Act.


In order to make this MAUK website easier to understand there are some common terms that are used on various website pages.  Wherever the following words or phrases appear they will always have the same meaning and these are defined below...

The word “Member” means...

 the person who completed the initial registration form for themselves or on behalf of themselves and their partner or on behalf of themselves and other  named members of their family – providing that all ‘members’ have been accepted as members by MAUK.  Our contract is with the person to whom the initial membership email or letter is addressed.  In most cases this will also be the person who is pays for the membership plan


your partner, in the case of a Membership Plan for Couples, and/or all other named individuals if you have requested a Membership Plan for Your Family providing that all ‘members’ have been accepted as members by MAUK.   

Please note that it is necessary to allocate a specific name and address to every member.  All Membership Plans for Couples and Families are based on every ‘member’ living at the same address.  If a partner, or any family member, lives at a different address a different membership plan must be arranged.

MAUK will always use the home address of the member on all relevant documentation – regardless of whether you own or rent the property.  Lodgers, and other adults, may also apply for membership – providing that the home address given is their usual address.

Please note that our contract for any Membership Plan is between the member who initially applies for any membership plan and MAUK - and not between MAUK and any other person who is also named on any membership plan – e.g. as a joint member (with regard to our Membership Plans for Couples) or as a family member – in the case of a family membership plan.  Membership is NOT transferrable.

Home Address” means the address that MAUK has recorded as the home address of the member who has completed the registration form.  In most cases the home address will be the same address that we documented when membership started.  If you move home it is essential to inform us immediately so that your records are up to date.

Membership Year(s)” means the period(s) of twelve calendar months commencing from the start of the membership or from any anniversary of the start of the membership.

You”, “Your” means....

 the member (you) and/or your partner and/or any named family member who has been documented on our records as an MAUK member

We”, “Us”, “Our” means....

 Medical Assistance UK Limited (MAUK) and/or Medical Assistance UK (as a business name) and/or any person or people who work or act on behalf of MAUK in an operational, consultancy or administrative capacity   


This section details the different types of membership plans that are available.  Please check your membership documentation for details of your plan – and then study the relevant pages on the MAUK website.

MAUK Fixed Fee Membership Plans

All members who choose one of the following twelve MAUK Fixed Fee Membership Plans benefit from a cost-effective package of services and also a significant discount with regard to any additional payments to MAUK that may be necessary.

(a) Membership for Single People – sub-divided into Budget, Bronze, Silver and Gold
(b) Membership for Couples – sub-divided into Budget, Bronze, Silver and Gold   
(c) Membership for Families – sub-divided into Budget, Bronze, Silver and Gold  

MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plan

This is an option for Single People, Couples and Families.  You can choose any or all of the following services to be included in your MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plan.  In addition, each service has three options with regard to the level of service you want and it is also possible to adjust each type of service – simply by selecting various combinations.
(a) 24/7 Medical and Dental Helpline  
(b) Mobile Minor Injuries Service
(c) Private Ambulance Service  
(d) Ambulance Car Service  
(e) Prescription Delivery Service
(f) Mobile Blood Test Service  
(g) Mobile Dental Service     

The MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plan is an ideal way to create a tailor-made membership plan that is personalised to the member(s).  You will also benefit from a generous discount with regard to any additional payments that may be necessary.  

MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plan hourly rates are higher than the rates paid by members who choose an MAUK Fixed Fee Membership Plan

MAUK Pay As You Go Membership Plan

All members who choose this option pay a one-off payment per visit (currently this is £24.95) plus a fee for the services that are used.  There are no monthly payments. Payment for the service(s) used is payable the same day.

MAUK Pay As You Go Membership Plan hourly rates are higher than the rates paid by members who choose an MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plan


Medical Assistance UK offers the following services to ALL of our members...

Medical Helpline

The Medical Assistance UK helpline (01473 499 995) is a telephone information and support service for all MAUK members.  It is available, to MAUK members only, on a 24/7 basis.  All MAUK Fixed Fee Membership Plans include use of the medical helpline.  It can also be included in any MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plan – and, in addition, MAUK Pay As You Go members are able to benefit from the helpline on a simple ‘pay per minute’ basis.  There is a £5.00 minimum fee payable if this service is used by PAYG members.  

Medical Assistance UK medical helpline provides general information about anything that is related to health.  However, for the reasons outlined below, we do not give advice on paediatric injuries and/or medical conditions.

Paediatric medicine is a highly complex and specialist area of expertise children get better (or deteriorate) very rapidly.  Therefore, if a CHILD has a medical condition or injury, our advice is make sure that the child is seen quickly by a doctor - using an NHS 999 ambulance if you feel that the situation is urgent.

Every effort will be made to give every caller sound, evidence based, information and advice.  However Medical Assistance UK Limited will not be held responsible for any advice or information that is given to callers in good faith.  In addition, all information given to callers may not necessarily be the views of the healthcare professional(s) who give the information and/or the official view of the company.  

Please remember that it is sometimes extremely difficult or impossible to diagnose an injury and/or a specific medical condition over the phone – so our personnel can only give BASIC information.  It is then the member’s responsibility to decide the correct course of action - taking into account the specific circumstances of each individual call and, if applicable, the actual patient concerned.

The MAUK medical helpline can help with a wide range of health related questions and problems.  In addition, if you want to use any of our services, our helpline personnel will ask our operational personnel to visit you in your home or, in some cases, your workplace

Mobile Minor Injuries Service

As a Fixed Fee member of Medical Assistance UK your membership plan will entitle you to use our Mobile Minor Injuries Service.  You can also choose the service in any MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plan.  In addition, MAUK Pay As You Go members are able to request the service at anytime.  

However, please note that it is company policy that MAUK Fixed Fee and MAUK Build Your Own members will usually take priority over Pay As You Go members.

If you ever suffer a minor injury you will be able to use our service – i.e. either in your home or, in some cases, whilst you are at work.  On arrival, our healthcare professional(s) will assess your injury (or injuries) and advise you on the best course of action.  We may be able to treat your injury with no further action.  However, in some circumstances, you may need or want to be conveyed to an NHS hospital or to another medical establishment.

If you need to be seen and treated in a hospital you could either request an NHS ambulance or choose to be conveyed in one of our fully-equipped private ambulances or a medical car.  If you decide to use one of our vehicles we will be able to take you to an NHS hospital or another suitable establishment.   

The 999 system must be used for any patient who has a serious injury or condition

Medical Assistance UK provides a mobile medical and dental service for non-urgent patients only and we obviously do not have the considerable facilities of a modern hospital. Therefore, Medical Assistance UK will not be held responsible for any patient whose injury or condition deteriorates due to any delay and/or any other problem that has been caused because the patient (or anyone else who contacts our company on behalf of the patient) has not requested an NHS ambulance using the well-known NHS “999” system.    

Medical Assistance UK is not an “emergency service”. Therefore, if any patient has an injury or medical condition that could be life or limb threatening (or the situation involves any medical emergency) please telephone 999 or 112 immediately and request an NHS ambulance.  In addition, you are advised to call 999 if your condition or injury gets worse in any way whilst you are waiting for MAUK to arrive.

MAUK personnel normally visit you at home but, in some cases, we are also able to visit you whilst you are at work – if your workplace is in Essex. If your workplace is located outside Essex we may not be able to visit you whilst you are at work.  

Please note that, like all businesses and organisations, our resources are not unlimited so (very rarely) we may not be able to help you – e.g. if a road is closed or the area is flooded etc.  Therefore, in some cases, MAUK reserves the right to either involve the NHS and/or other private organisations or people in order to ensure that you are able to be treated.
We will always aim to be with you as soon as possible and do everything within our power to give you an excellent service.  However, in some cases, our maximum four hour ‘call to doorstep’ objective may not be reasonably practicable.  You will always be kept informed – especially if there is going to be a delay due to multiple requests from members for our assistance.  

Private Ambulance Service and Ambulance Car Service

If you require our Private Ambulance Service and/or an Ambulance Car Medical Assistance UK reserves the right (if necessary) to limit the overall distance that we travel to your preferred destination and/or the right to take the patient to the nearest NHS Emergency Department or NHS Minor Injuries Unit.  

If your membership plan does not cover all of the base-to-base time and/or mileage involved MAUK also reserves the right to charge for all additional time and mileage.  When our vehicles are used we also reserve the right to decide who (if anyone) can travel with the patient in our vehicle.  We may restrict the number of additional people/escorts to one or none if our personnel feel that this is fair and appropriate in the circumstances.   

Generally speaking we encourage one family member or a friend to accompany the patient to hospital.  We are also willing to take some personal items for the patient but the amount and type of patient personal property will be decided by our personnel – bearing in mind all of the circumstances of the journey and the health and safety of all concerned.

When we speak to you in person or on the telephone, or receive any other type of request for assistance from you, MAUK reserves the right to call and/or use (or advise you to call and/or use) the NHS ambulance service.  

This will only normally be done if our personnel feel that your injury or condition would benefit in some way from using the NHS 999 system and/or MAUK is unable to provide a suitable vehicle and/or crew within an acceptable period of time. Your health is paramount and we will always endeavour to do what is best for you.

Prescription Delivery Service

This service is included in the majority of MAUK Fixed Fee membership plans.  If it is not included in a Fixed Fee plan it can be selected as additional option.  The service can also be included in any MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plan - or used by any MAUK Pay As You Go member – on a time plus mileage plus expenses basis  
We can collect a prescription at anytime providing that a suitable, nearby pharmacy is open. We are unable to provide the service out-of-hours or during Bank Holidays.  We reserve the right to charge for all additional mileage and time is this is necessary.  If the member is not exempt from prescription charges we will pay the pharmacy - and then deliver the medication(s) and/or medical supplies to the member as soon as possible 

ALL members must reimburse MAUK for all monies paid to any pharmacy (e.g. prescription charges if applicable) regardless of the membership plan - within 24 hours.  MAUK reserves the right to charge £5.00 per 24 hour period if any monies are still unpaid 24 hours after the delivery time.  Payment can be made online or deducted from your bank account (with your prior agreement) or you may pay by cheque.  In some cases a handling charge may be requested.  For various reasons MAUK does not accept cash payments

If you wish to use this service now or in the future we will ask you to sign a form that will authorize our personnel to collect your prescription(s) on your behalf (either in person or by means of electronic transfer) from you, or from your doctor’s surgery, on one or more occasions.  After signing the form it will be your responsibility to contact MAUK, in writing, if you wish to change the arrangement.

Medical Assistance UK reserves the right to withdraw this service at anytime from any member without giving a reason.  However, this proviso will generally only be used if it is thought to be in the best interests of the member and/or the member has not complied with MAUK membership rules .


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Please note that Medical Assistance UK Ltd is not an Emergency Service so, if you have a
serious injury or condition, please telephone 999 and ask for an Ambulance

Also, please note that all of the professional and other services advertised on this website (including all services that are Care Quality Commission 'regulated activities' and all
other non-regulated services) are either provided by CQC registered providers or other providers/suppliers if CQC registration is not required. Medical Assistance UK Limited acts
in referral and/or co-ordination capacity only for different types of business and/or various services and professionals. We also offer an online shop and an online medical information centre for your use