Mobile Dental Service


Toothache and other dental problems can be really unpleasant!  


If you have ever suffered from a bad toothache, or had

any other sort of dental problem, you may well have had

problems trying to a really good, out-of-hours emergency dentist


If this is the case you’ll be delighted to know that Medical

Assistance UK provides a dental service that is available 

to all MAUK members


In some cases we will be able to deal with your problem

in your home (or workplace) and in other cases we will

arrange a same day (sometimes immediate) appointment

in a dental surgery.  In the latter case our personnel are

able to convey to you to, and from, the dental surgery






The Medical Assistance UK dentistry service is available to the general public and other clients – regardless of when and where you need the service. This means that, whatever your situation, we will do our best to help you when you have a dental problem  


If you need treatment in a fully equipped dental surgery (even if it means opening the surgery up just for you!) this will be done 


In addition to visiting you in your own home or workplace we also provide a comprehensive domiciliary dental service for patients who reside in residential, nursing and care homes.   The latter service is ideal for routine dental examinations.  You will find that our mobile dental service is highly professional, flexible and perfect for your residents and patients





In addition to providing our initial mobile dental service our dentists can also help  to restore your dental and oral health - and therefore improve your quality of life. 

Medical Assistance UK recognises that many adults and children are afraid of dentists so we provide a ‘patient-centred’ dental service to enable you to feel calm and relaxed.  Every effort will be made to help you feel at ease during your treatment – using the latest techniques, materials and equipment – so, if you are a nervous patient, you may like to choose the MAUK mobile dental service as an additional option.


If you need the MAUK Mobile Dental Service our personnel will visit you, assess your needs and advise you
on the best course of action.  

When you use our service you’ll initially be seen in your home or *workplace. Then, depending on your clinical need, you will either be treated (without moving to another address) or you will be seen, by one of our dentists, in a dental surgery.

If you wish or need to be seen in a conventional dental surgery we can convey you there and back in one of our medical cars.  Alternatively, if you require specialist transportation, we are also able to provide a suitably equipped private ambulance – manned by an experienced crew. For instance, if you are not able to stand or walk – we are able to convey you to your own dentist or our dentist will be able to treat you.

Please note that our dental and transportation services may well be covered by your membership fee. However, if your MAUK membership plan does not cover you for one or more services (and you need or request an additional service or procedure), we will ask you to pay a, significantly discounted, additional fee


  MA reserves the right to convey you to a conventional dental surgery or hospital if, in the opinion of

our healthcare professional(s), your clinical need and/or the situation requires you to be treated in a
clinical environment.

*Please note that we are able to visit you in your workplace if you work in the geographical area we cover.
However, if your workplace is located outside Essex and/or a long way from our base, we may not be able to
visit you whilst you are at work. 



For more information about the MAUK Mobile Dental Service please CLICK HERE 

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serious injury or condition, please telephone 999 and ask for an Ambulance

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