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Mobile Dental Service

The MAUK dental service uses experienced dentists, dental hygienists, dental nurses and other healthcare professionals.  This service is included in some MAUK Fixed Fee membership plans. If it is not included in a Fixed Fee plan it can be chosen as an additional option.

The dental service can also be included in any MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plan or used by any Pay As You Go member - on a time and mileage plus expenses basis.  

The dental service is available to all MAUK members.  In some cases we will be able to deal with your problem in your home or workplace (if your home and/or your workplace is suitable and within our geographical area) and, in other cases, the dentist will treat you in a dental surgery.  

If you need treatment in a dental surgery (even if it means opening the surgery for you) this will be done.  If you need or want to be seen in a dental surgery you will normally be given an appointment for the same day.  If possible, we will endeavour to get you seen within four hours of your initial call. If necessary and requested our personnel are able to convey to you (with one friend or relative) to, and from, the dental surgery.

In addition to visiting you in your own home or workplace we also provide a comprehensive domiciliary dental service for patients who reside in residential, nursing and care homes.   In addition to providing an initial dental service our dentists can also help to restore your dental and oral health - and therefore improve your quality of life.

When you use our service you’ll initially be seen in your home or *workplace. Then, depending on your clinical need and the overall situation, you will either be treated (without moving to another address) or you will be seen, by one of our dentists, in a dental surgery.

MAUK reserves the right to convey you to a conventional dental surgery or hospital if, in the opinion of our healthcare professional(s), your clinical need and/or the situation requires you to be treated in a clinical environment.   

It is stressed that the MAUK dental service is for emergency dentistry only.  If you need further treatment this may be possible but it will not be covered by or linked in any way to your MAUK membership.

Please note that we are able to visit you in your workplace if you work in the geographical area we cover. However, if your workplace is located outside Essex and/or a long way from our base, we may not be able to visit you whilst you are at work. The NHS ambulance service must be used for any patient who has a serious dental problem or facial injury 

Mobile Nursing Service

Medical Assistance UK healthcare professionals have many years of NHS experience and they will always try to find a workable and cost-effective solution for any situation that involves the care of a patient.  For instance, MAUK is able to arrange a personalised service for any person who needs basic or specialist nursing care

Home nursing can be very advantageous so Medical Assistance UK can co-ordinate a range of nursing services for patients and their families – often at short notice  

In addition to providing nursing care within the home our nurses and care staff can also accompany patients to/from medical appointments and social events.  MAUK is also able to provide a trained escort if you need to have a companion whilst you are travelling.  We are happy to accompany you on local, national or even international trip – and we have the resources and expertise to provide all of the back-up services – e.g. an ambulance car, ambulance or air ambulance to take you to your destination.  I

n addition, some clients may wish to use our nurses for medical cover – e.g. for V.I.P.’s, sports events or film work. Whatever the situation MAUK will usually be able to provide nurses, and other care providers, to meet your specific requirements.

Bariatric Patient Service

The safe transportation and general care of overweight patients is a speciality.  Medical Assistance UK can arrange special equipment and vehicles - and we can also provide TEAMS of ambulance personnel to provide a solution for nearly every situation.  We are also able to arrange special bariatric patient trolleys and stair-climbing chairs!

The clinical definition of obesity is a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher.  The BMI is the body’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of the body’s height in metres.  If you are obese (according to the above definition) MAUK reserves the right to provide, and charge for, additional personnel and/or additional equipment and/or additional time - if the additional personnel and/or specialist equipment is considered necessary for your health and/or safety and/or to protect the health and safety of our personnel      

MAUK will always endeavour to meet the specific individual needs of every patient.
Our staff understand some of the pressures and problems experienced by overweight patients so our personnel will do everything possible to ensure that every patient in our care receives a highly quality, patient-centred service.

Mobile Blood Test Service

If you need a simple blood test Medical Assistance UK is able to help you – either by visiting you in your home or workplace (if your workplace is in our geographical area and it is a suitable place to take your blood) or by taking you to a convenient surgery or a similar clinical location.  

When you need a blood test we will make a mutually convenient appointment to see you – i.e. generally speaking we do not do it immediately.  However, we are often able to do the procedure the same day - or the following day.  

MAUK will always endeavour to book a day, date and time that is convenient for you.  For instance, if you are DIABETIC and the blood test requires a fasting sample we will visit you as early as possible in the morning – so that you can have your blood test and then have some breakfast.

Your blood sample will be delivered to an NHS or a private haematology laboratory quickly so that it can be professionally analysed.  You will then be able to find out the results in the usual way – e.g. your GP will let you know if he or she wants to see you.

Your blood will be taken by qualified phlebotomists or by other healthcare professionals - e.g. nurses.  The sample will always be collected in a highly professional way because, if blood specimens are contaminated in any way during collection, the test results may be unobtainable or worthless.  

It is MAUK policy NOT to do blood tests on haemophiliacs in a home or workplace so please be aware that this service is not available to you if you have haemophilia.  

If you are someone who suffers from a needle phobia and/or you don’t like having your blood taken we can assure you that everything possible will be done by Medical Assistance UK personnel to make the experience as comfortable and painless as possible.

This service is included in the majority of MAUK Fixed Fee membership plans.  If it is not included in a Fixed Fee plan it can be selected as additional option.  The service can also be included in any MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plan - or used by any MAUK Pay As You Go member – on a time plus mileage plus expenses basis  

ALL Medical Assistance UK members should note that, regardless of the plan you choose when you become a member, MAUK will ask you to pay for any additional expenses that may be involved in your blood test. 

In addition to blood tests that are requested by your doctor MAUK also offers a wide range of other blood, urine and saliva tests – e.g. for HIV.  For further details please contact us.  Your enquiry will obviously be treated in strict confidence.

Alcohol & Drug Testing Service

This service is mainly for EMPLOYERS and other organisations – however we are also able to provide our specialist service to private individuals.

Thousands of people have an alcohol or drug problem.  One survey revealed that alcohol consumption is a problem in 90% of businesses.   Alcohol and recreational drug use can adversely affect businesses and organisations in many ways including...

...accidents, injuries, claims, loss of productivity, lack of efficiency, hangover problems, poor performance, poor timekeeping, absenteeism, increased sick leave, safety problems, poor morale, staff relationship problems, bad behaviour, misconduct, violence, bullying, poor discipline, inappropriate behaviour, adverse effects on your company image, rudeness to customers, patients or clients etc.

Many industries involve caring and/or work that is potentially high-risk in various ways.  The main reason why many employers test their employees and job applicants is to promote the safety of their staff.  Alcohol affects judgement, reaction-time, motor control, concentration, vision and co-ordination.

It is a fact that the effect of alcohol varies significantly between individuals. This means that the physical and behavioural signs of alcohol or drug use can be extremely difficult to spot in some people.  It is also worth remembering that recreational drug users can also cause major problems because people can be affected for days after taking some drugs

Employers have a duty of care, under the Health and Safety at Work Act, to ensure, as far as “reasonably practicable”, the health and safety and welfare of its employees.  A wide range of simple and effective tests (including breath, saliva, urine, hair and blood) can be carried out in a highly professional and sensitive way.  For more information please contact us in strict confidence.

Mobile Health Screening Service

This service is primarily for employers but MAUK is also happy to provide our service to private individuals. Health screening is carried out by businesses and organisations in order to satisfy statutory requirements, ensure all employees are fit for their duties, identify diseases and/or conditions associated with the work undertaken and many other reasons
In addition to our alcohol and drug testing service MAUK is also able to co-ordinate a wide range of health screening services that are tailored to specific requirements.  Most tests can be done on-site – i.e. in your premises or in one of our Mobile Medical Units.  Various terms and conditions apply to each health screening service offered so, for more information, please contact us and we’ll give you a fixed fee quotation

Mobile Wound Management Service

This professional service is delivered by experienced qualified nurses and other skilled healthcare professionals.  It is a valuable service for some private individuals and also for many patients in Nursing and Residential Homes.

Professional wound care and ‘tissue viability’ is an extremely important area of medicine.  Our objective is to see all patients diagnosed and treated promptly and appropriately - with the latest evidence-based wound management techniques.

Medical Assistance UK offers a special service in order to help patients who need high-quality care.   Thousands of elderly and disabled people are potentially at risk from pressure sores, chronic wounds (ulcers) and a wide range of other wounds that need to be cared for properly and on a regular basis.

Geographical area

MAUK guarantees to provide ALL of our services to the 1.5 million people who live in Essex and the surrounding areas.  We therefore cover more than *1,300 square miles and reserve the right to limit our services to the aforementioned *area.  In addition, we can provide our patient transportation service ANYWHERE on the mainland of England, Wales and Scotland. 

If you travel to any part of the UK mainland, and you need our ambulance or car service to get home, we will always assist you.  For example, if you have an accident or heart attack and you are hundreds of miles from your home, we will arrange an ambulance and crew at cost price (as a goodwill gesture) to ensure you to get home promptly and safely


MAUK Fixed Fee Membership Plans and MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plans work on a continuous membership basis – that can be paid monthly or annually.  Monthly payments, for most card holders, are taken automatically (on a recurring basis) until the member cancels their membership.  You will receive a monthly invoice that gives you details of your plan and the month covered

Annual membership is for 12 calendar months and is paid as a lump sum.  However, if you prefer, we can set up a standing order so that payments can be taken on a quarterly basis.  

MAUK will automatically renew your cover at the end of each month or membership year unless you cancel your membership in writing.  For further details, about how to cancel, please read the Cancellation of Membership page of the website

You will only be eligible for assistance under a MAUK Fixed Fee Membership Plan or an MAUK Build Your Own Membership Plan is you have paid at least one monthly or annual payment and been registered as a member for at least 24 hours before asking any of our services



After you have used up your allocation of one or more services (depending on the exact membership plan you have selected) you will be invoiced for any additional costs at a significantly discounted rate.  You will also be asked to pay for any out-of-pockets expenses – e.g. laboratory costs for blood tests (if applicable), prescription charges etc.  In addition, if we visit you and you are not in (for any reason) we reserve the right to invoice you for any unnecessary time and/or expenses


If, when we visit you, you then choose to ignore our professional advice to go to the nearest Accident & Emergency Department or to a local Minor Injuries Unit and/or you do not use our ambulance (or ambulance car service) and/or you do not make your own arrangements to go to hospital using your own transport or an NHS ambulance - Medical Assistance UK Limited will not be held responsible for your health, or anything that might happen to you, after you have refused our services and/or our professional advice.

In the majority of situations, if transportation to an Accident & Emergency Department or a Minor Injuries Unit is needed, we will abide by your wishesi.e. you will be able to choose your preferred destination.  However, Medical Assistance UK reserves the right to choose the hospital (or another suitable establishment) that we take you to if, in our professional opinion, it will be more beneficial for your health and/or in any other way


As a member we are responsible to YOU as a member who needs our medical service(s).  However, regardless of whether you are at work or at home, we will not be held responsible for any other person or anything else.  For example, we are not willing to take your vehicle, pets, children or anybody else (or your possessions) to any other location

If it is necessary for you to be seen in a hospital, or in any other location by a person who is not provided by MAUK, you will be responsible for any decisions that you make – especially after our personnel have ‘handed over’ your care to other healthcare professionals and/or any other person who is involved with your care – i.e. as a clinician, nurse or administrator.  That is, as a general policy, MAUK will not be responsible for meeting any costs other than our own

It is stressed that Medical Assistance UK Limited will not accept responsibility for paying any third party on your behalf and/or for any arrangement that is agreed between you and any third party.

In addition, please note that if (due to your weight, medical condition or injury or an unusual situation) we need more personnel and/or specialist equipment, that is not normally used and/or carried by MAUK personnel in our ambulance cars, we will discuss the situation with you if possible - and then invoice you for any additional expenses

As a member you must always give MAUK personnel, on request, all relevant information about your condition and circumstances   


If you cannot produce a valid MAUK membership card (or an appropriate receipt) or ‘Welcome’ email or letter or another form of identification MAUK personnel may be unable to verify your membership.  If the above cannot be produced, and MAUK is unable to verify that the appropriate membership is held, MAUK reserves the right to refuse one or more of our services - or may, at our discretion, offer one or more services on the immediate payment of a 'security payment'.

In the above circumstances...

(a) the sum requested (i.e. your 'security payment') will consist of the full relevant membership subscription and an additional surcharge that will be notified to you at the time.  This will then be payable immediately by credit or debit card - in advance of any service being used

(b) any security payment made will be refunded in its entirety within 14 days - provided that the member can establish, to our reasonable satisfaction, that they were a member at the time with the relevant and appropriate level of cover

(c) without prejudice to your statutory rights no refunds will be given if membership entitlement cannot be proved

(d) if you required any additional service that, was not covered by your membership plan, we would simply charge you a fee (using the MAUK Pay As You Go tariff) for the additional service

(e) any fee that is payable by you will be deducted from any refund that may be due to you.  If the service you have received has cost more than the amount of the refund no refund will be issued and you will have to pay any amount owed within seven days


 Any additional services made available by MAUK which are not described in these Membership Terms and Conditions are provided on a purely discretionary basis and may be withdrawn at any time.


All MAUK services are obviously subject to our resources, demand at any one time and other factors – including the weather and traffic conditions etc.   Therefore all services may be supplemented sometimes by the use of appropriate agents.  Medical Assistance UK will only accept responsibility for the actions of any agent if the agent is acting on our instructions and working on our behalf


All requests for one or more of our services must be made to MAUK using the contact instructions provided by us from time to time.  

Currently we only accept telephone and email requests for assistance and you must always obtain an ASSIGNMENT REFERENCE NUMBER  

The reference number means that we know about and have accepted the assignment and it is on our system.  If you do not hear from us, after sending an email to us, we may not have received your communication and obviously nothing will happen.


Our personnel are trained and equipped to assess and treat (if possible) minor injuries and minor medical conditions.  If, at any time, you feel that your injury or medical condition is an emergency you must telephone 999 and use the NHS ambulance service.  


You have the right to cancel your membership within a ‘'cooling-off period' commencing either from the date of the start of the contract (which is the renewal date for members who pay annually) or the receipt of your membership application.  For further details please read the relevant page on this website

There will be no separate or additional cooling-off period(s) during the membership year regardless of any changes that are made to your membership


MAUK will automatically renew your membership at the end of every month or, if you pay annually, at the end of every year.  A reminder will be sent to advise of any increase or decrease in your payment – and any changes to your Membership Terms and Conditions that will take effect at renewal.  If you do not want to renew your membership, for any reason, you must inform MAUK (in writing) at least seven days before your renewal date


MAUK reserves the right to make changes to our Membership Terms and Conditions at the end of each month (for monthly payment members) or annually for members who pay annually.  We also reserve the right to make one or more changes to the Membership Terms and Conditions at anytime, after giving reasonable notice, if MAUK considers the change is necessary in order to comply with any relevant change in UK law, official regulation or the advice or instruction of any regulatory authority or organisation


MAUK will endeavour to meet all of the needs of our members at all times - subject only to the member’s membership plan.  However, our resources are finite so this may not always be possible.  MAUK shall not be liable for any service failures if we are faced with any circumstances that are outside our reasonable control.  Events which might constitute circumstances outside our reasonable control include (but are not limited to) Acts of God, outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, acts of government or authority (including the refusal or revocation of any licence or consent), fire, subsidence, explosion, flood, snow, fog or other bad weather conditions, vehicle, equipment or systems failures, shortages of fuel or other necessary supplies, failure of telecommunications lines or systems, default of suppliers or sub-contractors, theft, malicious damage, strike, lock out or industrial action of any kind


Medical Assistance UK shall not, in any event and to the extent permitted by law, have any responsibility for any increased costs or expenses, for any loss of profit, business, contracts, revenue or anticipated savings or for any special, indirect or consequential losses incurred as a result of or in connection with any service, whether resulting from tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), breach of agreement or otherwise.  For the avoidance of doubt nothing in this clause or these Membership Terms and Conditions shall exclude or restrict MAUK's liability for negligence resulting in death or personal injury


Failure to enforce or non-reliance on any of these Membership Terms and Conditions by MAUK personnel will not prevent Medical Assistance UK Limited from subsequently relying on or enforcing them.

None of the Membership Terms and Conditions (or benefits) of any membership plan with MAUK are enforceable by anyone else - other than the member who completed the relevant registration form.  For the avoidance of doubt, and without limiting any of the above, any rights under The Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, or any replacement or amendment of the aforementioned Act, are excluded.


The headings used in this website are for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of its contents


Your Medical Assistance UK membership plan, and these Membership Terms and Conditions, are governed and should be interpreted by the laws of England and Wales. The EEA State for the purpose of membership is the United Kingdom.  These Terms and Conditions of membership are written in English and all correspondence entered into shall be in the English language


Unlike many membership plans there are NO call out limits providing that you pay, in full, and within seven days for all services that we provide – and also that your membership payments are completely up to date at all times.  However, if we feel that it is not in your best interests to supply any service(s) we reserve the right not to provide one or more of our services and/or to cancel the membership.  For example, a member with a psychiatric condition may ask our personnel to visit their home every day - and would therefore have to pay for all of the services used.  In this case, if we felt that the member was spending their money needlessly, we would stop the service and/or the membership


MAUK will use your personal information for the following purposes...

(a) to identify you when you contact us

(b) to help us identify services that you may wish to use from time to time

(c) to help us to continually improve our administration system and let you know about   services that we have provided before, or provide now or may provide in the future

(d) to carry out marketing analysis and membership profiling -  and create statistical and testing information

(e) to help us to prevent and detect fraud or loss

(f) to contact you in any way (e.g. mail, email, telephone, text or multimedia messages) about our services and/or your membership.  However, we will only contact you in this way if you have previously indicated your consent.  You may opt out at anytime

(g) to keep you up to date with the MAUK Member Benefit Scheme under which, as part of your membership benefits, we give you information and details with regard to  discounts and offers that are available to our members.  Again, if you do not want to receive a members newsletter and/or any offers, you can easily opt out

(h) if we are contacted for medical assistance using a mobile telephone we will note the mobile phone number and we may need to give the number to the other agencies like the emergency services if this is thought to be necessary


However, if we are legitimately and officially asked to supply information (e.g. for legal or regulatory purposes) or as part of legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings we will have no option but to give your details to the official body and/or the Police. 


However, if we are legitimately and officially asked to supply information (e.g. for legal or regulatory purposes) or as part of legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings we will have no option but to give your details to the official body and/or the Police.  


We will monitor, document (and may record) communications with you, including phone conversations and emails, for quality assurance and compliance reasons

When you give us information on behalf of someone else you must have the right to do so and confirm that you have provided them with the information set out in these provisions - and that they have not objected to such uses of their personal information  

Where you give us sensitive data about yourself or another person (such as health details) you must agree (and confirm that the other person has agreed) to our processing such information in the manner set out on this website page


Medical Assistance UK Limited is a private limited company registered in England – i.e. Registration Number 06461701.   All communications for our Registered Office must be sent to Booth & Co, Jubilee House, The Drive, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3FR


We welcome membership applications from any UK citizen (regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, colour or creed) who permanently resides on the UK mainland and is aged 16 or over.  However, we reserve the right to refuse any application for membership

When you apply by telephone you will be asked to register some basic details for your membership record.  We obviously do this to allow us to make sure that, when you call us in the future, we can confirm that we are talking to you - and not someone who has stolen your membership card. This will also help to protect you against potential fraud.

When you use one or more of our services for the first time and/or you make your first membership payment it will mean that you accept, and will abide by, all MAUK membership terms and conditions.


Every Fixed Fee and Build Your Own member of Medical Assistance UK will receive a membership card.  Pay As You Go members will receive an email or letter only.


All Medical Assistance UK membership cards are issued by and remain the property of Medical Assistance UK Limited.  Your card is evidence of your membership and you will be required to produce it every time you use any of our services. 

You will also need to give us your membership number, and other details, if you buy or rent any equipment or supplies from us - and you want to receive a discount.


If your membership card is lost or stolen you must tell us immediately in WRITING and by TELEPHONE.  If you do not do this someone else may use a service and we will charge you for it.  There is a £10.00 fee to replace any membership card

If an MAUK Membership Card, or additional (acceptable) proof of identity, cannot be produced MAUK reserves the right to refuse or restrict our service(s).


If you have chosen a joint/shared membership plan with a partner, unless you have told us otherwise, the first named person will always be our main contact  


If you move address, or any other information changes, please contact the membership helpline on 01473 499 995 and/or email us at  You will be asked some security questions, before we change any details, to protect against fraud


To assist our staff we would very much appreciate you putting the MAUK membership window sticker in an easy-to-see window so that it can be clearly seen from the road.


If we are advised of your death we will cancel your membership and any recurring monthly or annual payment


We will accept instructions and queries from you by letter, email or by telephone providing that...

(a) The letter is signed by you as the member
(b) Your email address has been registered with us and the email is from you
(c) You answer all of our telephone or email security questions


If you ever decide to use a third party (i.e. any other service and/or any other person who is not provided by MAUK), without our prior written approval and acceptance, MAUK will not accept responsibility for the treatment that you may be given or the cost.  In addition, MAUK will not settle any invoice that you may receive and MAUK will not reimburse you, in any way, for your time and/or for any monies that you owe to any third party - as a result of your decision (or anybody else’s decision) to use the services of the third party.

Furthermore, if MAUK responds to your call and you then decide to use the NHS, and/or deal with your problem in any other way, MAUK reserves the right to deduct the service we have provided from your plan and/or charge you for any out-of-pocket expenses that has been caused as a result of your decision to cancel our service before our arrival.  

However, your health is paramount and we will always to support any decision that is made if a delay in treatment can be avoided by, for instance, using the NHS ambulance service if your medical condition or injury deteriorates.  


If you have a compliment or a complaint about your MAUK membership we want to hear from you.  We welcome your comments because they give us the opportunity to continually improve the service we offer our members.  If you have a complaint or compliment please email

It is our policy to acknowledge any complaint within five working days.  We will advise you of who is dealing with your concerns and endeavour to provide a satisfactory response within that the aforementioned period of time.  


MAUK reserves the right to refuse or remove membership to any person at anytime - without necessarily giving a reason.  Medical Assistance UK has a Zero Tolerance Policy with regard to any MAUK member who misuses their MAUK membership in any way.     

If you wish to read the complete version of the MAUK Zero Tolerance Policy please contact us.  The policy aims to ensure that Medical Assistance UK Limited protects its administrative and operational personnel from violence, all forms of abuse and all illegal acts.  The Zero Tolerance Campaign is a nationwide initiative to tackle violence, abuse and illegal acts against staff working in the NHS.  MAUK believes that all Medical Assistance UK personnel deserve exactly the same rights and support.

Medical Assistance UK Limited is 100% committed to the Zero Tolerance Campaign and does not accept that its personnel should be subjected to any verbal abuse or physical violence of any nature.  MAUK will generally ask the Police to deal with any breaches of this policy. Any assault on any MAUK employee will be treated extremely seriously and may well result in criminal charges being bought in addition to termination of membership. Any form of violence against our staff from any person will not be tolerated.

Violence against any person is a crime and MAUK will press for the maximum possible penalty for anyone who commits an assault against any of our personnel. We also operate a policy of withholding treatment from violent and abusive patients or the relatives/friends.

This policy and procedure applies to all personnel who work for and/or on behalf of MAUK with the aim of eliminating the acceptance of any type of violence in the workplace – regardless of the circumstances and the actual people involved.  It will also be used for people who are not directly employed by MAUK.


The above Membership Terms and Conditions were last updated on 1st May 2010  

Please note that Medical Assistance UK Ltd is not an Emergency Service so, if you have a
serious injury or condition, please telephone 999 and ask for an Ambulance

Also, please note that all of the professional and other services advertised on this website (including all services that are Care Quality Commission 'regulated activities' and all
other non-regulated services) are either provided by CQC registered providers or other providers/suppliers if CQC registration is not required. Medical Assistance UK Limited acts
in referral and/or co-ordination capacity only for different types of business and/or various services and professionals. We also offer an online shop and an online medical information centre for your use