Website Accessibility Statement

Medical Assistance UK Limited (‘the company’) is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all - so we have designed this website to be as accessible as possible.  


You can easily adjust the site in a number of different ways - i.e. to suit your needs.

The company believes that all of our members, and other people, should be able to use this website and we also have a formal policy that addresses disability.  As a professional healthcare company we want to provide additional assistance to anyone who has an impairment, mental health problem and/or any other medical or dental condition.

Therefore, if you have any relevant feedback and/or suggestions, Medical Assistance UK Limited would like to hear from you - because the company wishes to make further improvements and enhancements with regard to our website accessibility features.

Please let us know of any problems that you may have encountered and/or any features that you have found particularly useful.  Please press the link below to contact us.



In order to make this website easier to read and navigate you can change display settings such as:

 ■   Text size

 ■   Colour and contrast

 ■   Screen magnification

 The BBC’s website “My Web My Way” offers help on adjusting these and other features in your specific operating system and browser.


This website has been designed to be ‘user-friendly’ and to comply with our own accessibility standards - in line with recognised best practice.  We have endeavoured to comply with the British Standards Institute guidance on website accessibility.  We have done our best to make every page easy to read and use.


To answer a specific website accessibility problem and/or to get basic

help & advice please contact our web design company – i.e.


Telephone 01702 668 434 or Fax 01702 668 251



Please note that Medical Assistance UK Ltd is not an Emergency Service so, if you have a
serious injury or condition, please telephone 999 and ask for an Ambulance

Also, please note that all of the professional and other services advertised on this website (including all services that are Care Quality Commission 'regulated activities' and all
other non-regulated services) are either provided by CQC registered providers or other providers/suppliers if CQC registration is not required. Medical Assistance UK Limited acts
in referral and/or co-ordination capacity only for different types of business and/or various services and professionals. We also offer an online shop and an online medical information centre for your use