Mobile Wound Care Service

This professional service is delivered by experienced qualified nurses and other skilled healthcare professionals.  It is a really valuable service for private individuals and also for many patients in Nursing Homes and Residential Homes etc.   


Professional wound care and ‘tissue viability’ is an extremely important area of medicine.  Medical Assistance UK recognises the fact that some wounds are treated incorrectly and, as a result, some patients suffer needlessly and/or put up with an unacceptable service.  

Some wounds heal very quickly and others take much longer – often leading to additional medical and other problems.  Our objective is to see all MAUK patients diagnosed and treated promptly and appropriately with the latest evidence-based wound management techniques.

Medical Assistance UK
offers a very special service to our members and non-members in order to help patients who need high-quality care.   Please consider the following...

The healthcare professionals provided by Medical Assistance UK care about you and your family.  This means that we don’t just want to change a dressing.  We want to see your wound heal well because genuinely we care about you and your health.



It is a fact that all wounds can develop complications and, when things do go wrong, healthcare professionals must do their best to rectify the situation.  The biggest problem is usually infection.  When a wound infection is diagnosed prompt, efficient action is required – and specialist knowledge is always an advantage. Failure to provide the appropriate care can be extremely detrimental to the patient.  It is therefore really important to use tried and tested, evidence-based, treatment protocols.

Various factors are important when treating a wound or ulcer including...

Bearing in mind all of the above factors it is interesting that a recent study concluded that the professional care of wounds in the HOME can be much better for the patient (and also far more cost-effective) than providing exactly the same treatment in hospitals.  

The pilot study focused on a comparatively new wound care technique called "Topical Negative Pressure (TNP) – i.e. a non-pharmacological therapy that is now being accepted as a standard of care in the management of wound care.  The results of the aforementioned study have suggested that providing home topical negative pressure therapy may have a “qualitative and economic benefit”.  

Some people believe that TNP can be difficult in the home and also that the technique is rather expensive when compared to other wound management techniques.  However, the pilot study considered patients with “a variety of acute and chronic wounds” and there was a reduction in wound surface area and improved appearance of the wound bed in a significant 95% of the patients who were given the treatment.

Thousands of elderly and disabled people are at potentially risk from pressure sores, chronic wounds (ulcers) and a wide range of other wounds that need to be cared for properly and on a regular basis.  It is important to do everything possible to reduce the risk of complications from all types of wound – including acute, chronic, post-surgical, post-radiation, reconstructive and other problematic wounds.
Chronic wounds generally have a biological or physiological reason for not healing – i.e. it is usually nothing to do with the amount of time the wound has been present.  If unrecognised and/or untreated chronic wounds (e.g. a leg ulcer from a vein problem or a foot wound in a person with diabetes) can have serious health complications.  

There are a variety of types of chronic wounds, different causes and different treatments.

For instance...


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